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This professional women’s association was founded in 2018 to recognize badass women in Fairfield County, to honor them, inspire others and to teach entrepreneurship skills to young women – our next generation of talent and leaders.

our 2019 goal

Raise $50,000
Sponsor 100 young girls to participate in a 6-week entrepreneurship program
designed by Harvard experts with ongoing mentoring.


Empower women with the tools, support, confidence and mentoring they need to succeed
Establish a network of active and inspirational role models for women
Raise funds to support entrepreneurship & leadership programs for young women

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  1. Leadership: exhibit leadership qualities, develop employees, positive company culture

  2. Team Builder: employ diverse teams, maximize talent resources

  3. Entrepreneurial Spirit: high standards; risk taking;

  4. Strategic: develops a vision; goals for future growth; measures progress

  5. Innovative: pioneers new approaches, leads research and development for new ideas

  6. Socially Responsible: makes a positive impact on society/communities and/or the environment

  7. Sustainability: strategic and mindful about people, the planet and profits

  8. Development: creates projects that have the potential for future development growth and sustainability

  9. Volunteerism: outstanding commitment that benefits an individual, group or the entire community

  10. Achievements: unique achievements that benefit our community or society


  1. Role Model: model citizen who reflects positive values

  2. Character: exceptional personal qualities: leadership, initiative, reliability/dependability, integrity, cooperation, spirit

  3. Present/Mindful: identifies a need and fulfills it

  4. Supportive/Giving: recognizes opportunities and acts upon them

  5. Generosity: shares their time, knowledge and energy for the sake of others

  6. Brave: overcomes unusual challenges to serve others

  7. Bold: renders a service which changes a life, takes risks for a good cause

  8. Pioneer: works to create positive change in people, the world

  9. Inspirational: inspires others to volunteer to support those in need

  10. Kindness: performs exceptional acts of kindness

do you know a badass women?

*2020 Nominees must live or work in Fairfield County, CT
*Candidates must meet a minimum of 5 professional and 5 personal criteria

First & Last Name of Nominee *
First & Last Name of Nominee